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Amazon India CEO summoned by the ED over the alleged Irregularities at Future Group

Amazon India CEO Amit Agarwal has been summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) over the alleged irregularities in Future Group’s pending deal with Amazon.

Future Group CEO could be in trouble

The Future Group CEO, Kishore Biyani, could be in trouble as media outlets report that there are alleged irregularities at Future Group. The allegations include not paying employees for overtime work and also not giving employees a weekly day off. The report from Times Now News Channel is based on RTI replies from the company to an anonymous complaint filed with the Ministry of Labor & Employment.

How the BSE can help you with stock market derivatives

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the largest stock exchange in India. It is one of the top 5 stock exchanges in Asia. Founded in 1875, it began its initial operations on 22 July 1875. The BSE operates for over eight hours a day, five days a week. On 09 April, this year, the BSE launched two new features: Basic Trading Service (BTS) and Improved Market Surveillance Framework (IMSF).

The alleged irregularities and how they could be penalized

Future Group is a company based in Kolkata, India. It has been accused of misleading investors with fraudulent financial reports and the businessman named, Dhoot, is facing a $1 billion fine for his role in that. The Indian government will be investigating this further and if it does find irregularities, the penalty could be up to $1 billion.

Why the mainstream media is silent about this story

The mainstream media has been silent about this story, but there are a couple of theories as to why. Some believe that the media is afraid of Future Group because of their political connections. Others argue that it is just a boring story that would only interest Indian citizens.

What we can do to keep these businesses accountable for their actions

This is not the first time that these irregularities have happened. It has happened in many other countries, like Mexico and India. The only way to keep them accountable for their actions is by force. We can’t expect them to act differently if we don’t make it our responsibility to hold them accountable. We need to take action and take care of the problem that we created by giving them too much power too soon.



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