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An unusual welcome for the new UK PM Liz Truss…


Britain’s next Prime Minister Liz Truss was greeted otherwise than expected outside political party headquarters. Shortly when winning her party’s leadership race, Truss fell upon the party headquarters so this happened…

As Britain’s next Prime Minister, Liz Truss was greeted with quite a surprise when she arrived at Conservative Party headquarters.

Shortly after winning her party’s leadership race, Truss was greeted by a members of the public who weren’t too thrilled with her victory. One man even shouted “shame on you!” at her.

Despite the less than warm welcome, Truss seemed unfazed as she walked into the party headquarters. It’s clear that she has her sights set on the future and is ready to get to work as Prime Minister.

all can only hope that she’ll be able to turn the country around and bring some much-needed stability.

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