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C.P. Joshi Expresses His Sorrow Over The Rape And Death Of A Dalit Woman In Balotra.

C.P. Joshi, an Indian politician, expressed his condolences on the death of a Dalit married woman who was allegedly raped in Balotra and later died during treatment in Jodhpur. He called the incident “extremely painful and sad.” Joshi also condemned the delay in reporting the incident, stating that it was “highly condemnable” that the incident happened on Thursday but was only brought to light a day later. This case highlights the urgent need to address and prevent violence against marginalized communities in India.


  1. CP Joshi expressed his grief and sadness over the death of a Dalit woman who was raped in Balotra.
  2. He condemned the incident and called it shameful that it took a day for the incident to come to light.
  3. The incident highlights the need for prompt and effective action to be taken against perpetrators of sexual violence.
  4. The incident underscores the ongoing struggle for justice and equality for marginalized communities in India.
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