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Fact Check: PM Narendra Modi’s Claim of ₹239 Free Recharge for All Indian Users is False

In recent news circulating with the hashtag #PIBFactCheck, a claim attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has caught the attention of many. According to the information, PM Modi is purportedly offering a 28-day recharge worth ₹239 for all Indian users. However, a meticulous fact-check reveals that this claim is nothing more than a hoax.

The Alleged Offer

The viral message suggests that the Indian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is gifting a 28-day recharge plan worth ₹239 to every Indian user. This claim has gained traction on social media, with the accompanying hashtag #PIBFactCheck.

#PIBFactCheck Debunks the Claim

The Press Information Bureau (PIB), known for its fact-checking initiatives, promptly intervened to address the misinformation. In a series of tweets marked with the distinctive black-and-white #PIBFactCheck tag, the government agency categorically refuted the claim, stating it as a fraudulent attempt to deceive the public.

Government Denies Free Recharge Scheme

Contrary to the circulating misinformation, the Indian government has not initiated any free recharge scheme under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The official channels and government spokespersons have not made any announcements or statements regarding such a program.

Unmasking Deceptive Practices

The spreading of false claims, especially those involving high-profile figures like the Prime Minister, underscores the prevalence of deceptive practices in the digital age. Misinformation can spread rapidly through social media, and fact-checking becomes crucial in dispelling baseless rumors.

Verifying Information Before Sharing

This incident serves as a reminder for users to verify information before sharing it on social media platforms. False claims not only mislead the public but can also have broader implications. Checking the credibility of sources and cross-referencing information can contribute to a more informed and responsible online community.

In the era of fast-paced information dissemination, fact-checking has become an essential tool to combat misinformation. The claim regarding a free ₹239 recharge for all Indian users, attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been debunked by #PIBFactCheck. Users must exercise caution and verify information before sharing it to maintain a credible and informed digital space.

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