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Indo-Nepal joint training exercise “SURYA KIRAN-XVI” begins in Nepal.

“SURYA KIRAN-XVI”, a joint training exercise between India and Nepal, will be conducted at Nepal Army Battle School, Saljhandi (Nepal) from 16-29 December 2022.

The “SURYA KIRAN” exercise is conducted annually between India and Nepal with the aim of enhancing interoperability in jungle warfare and counter-terrorism operations in mountainous terrain and HADR under UN mandate.

The exercise will be participated in by Nepal Army soldiers of the Shree Bhawani Baksh Battalion and Indian Army soldiers from the 5 GR. The two armies will share their experiences from various counter-insurgency operations in their countries through these contingents.

The joint exercise would focus on the evolution of combined drills for planning and conducting tactical operations at the unit level in counter-terrorism operations and disaster response mechanisms in general, as well as the role of armed forces in the management of disasters.

Participants will train together during the exercise to develop inter-operability, and share their experience on Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorist operations, and also on Humanitarian Relief operations.

The joint military exercise will enhance the level of defense cooperation, which will in turn foster better bilateral relations between the two nations.

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