Lemon prices shoot up. Why is the price of lemons rising in India?


These days lemons prices touching the sky and leaving a sour taste in the mouth. In summer Lemon is one essential food that you need. Throughout the last few weeks, the price of lemon has touched unrivaled highs. In Delhi, a single lemon costs 10-15  Rs which means it is selling at Rs 300 to Rs 350 in the wholesale market. In Gujarat, a single lemon is being sold at  Rupees 18. It is selling for around Rs 300 per kg in the wholesale market. (Oneindia)

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, it is an axiom saying! But what can you do when picking up lemon itself becomes a difficult task?

All across to country Surat to Delhi, Hyderabad, vegetable prices, particularly lemons, have seen an overpriced. Vendors are also suffering from increased lemon prices. We used to Buy a whole lemon sack for Rs 700 which now costs Rs 3,500,” says a Hyderabad vendor told ANI. A look at what is the reason behind the price hike.

Reasons, why are lemons getting overpriced?

Jump up fuel prices:

Traders blame the rising fuel, petrol, and diesel rates as the cause of the increase in lemon rates. Diesel prices rise the cost of transportation. Vegetable vendors say that due to the surge rate of transportation costs and the eventual purchase price hike, they are bound to sell vegetables at a high rate. Without a doubt, prices are high.

Are only lemons prices lift?

No, Even the price of vegetables like tomatoes, green chilies, pumpkin, and gourd climbedup. Due to a shoot up in fuel rates and transportation costs behind the reason. Vegetables and fruits costs are also high in the market. Rising costs are burning a hole in the customer’s pocket. Customers are not ready to accept that the prices have gone up

Less production and a hike in demand:

Lemon is produced throughout the year in various states of India. The market for lemon blossoms throughout the seasons. Major Areas such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat, are known for their lemon production. Andhra Pradesh is number one for lemon production in India. Gujarat enjoys the second position and Maharashtra ranks third in lemon production. All are witnessing soaring temperatures, forcing the prices further higher. Last year months of September and October had brought uncommonly heavy rains.  Lemon farms are extremely sensitive to too much moisture and thus, due to the heavy rainfall, the treatment failed and flowering did not happen.

Why are lemons in high demand?

Lemon contains highly rich in vitamin C and it is a source of many other health benefits. Lemons are used worldwide in numerous recipes. Due to their antioxidant property, lemons are very much in demand. It promotes hydration. Which is necessary for summers. It improves your skin quality, moreover, It aids digestion. It supports weight loss also. Lemon is used to make lemon water, cocktails, and soft drinks.  It is a very useful thing in your kitchen. Because of all these benefits, lemon is always in demand in the market.

 Due to fewer production demands are high and prices touching the sky. A natural calamity in Gujarat and damage to crops due to the cyclone are one of the reasons for the high rate of lemons. Natural calamities absent in the country have affected the supply chain, creating a shortage.

Less production has made lemon a staple and now “Nimbu paani” is a luxury drink for the common man in India.

So In the end I want to say, hope lemon prices will decrease after some days and the common man will make lemonade.

Summer is here and when life gives you lemons at a high rate then no more” Nimbu paani.”

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