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New Covid Variant of Malaria-Causing Parasite Spreading Across Continents

The new variant of the malaria-causing parasite, Omicron is spreading across continents, most notably from Botswana to Belgium.

Why is New Covid Malaria Variant Dangerous?

New Covid is a variant of the common malaria-causing parasite and it’s spreading to new continents; Central America and Africa. The new variant is causing anemia in survivors and people; who live in areas where it has been reported, such as China, Chile, and Vietnam. The recent data suggests, that New Covid is becoming more widespread than was previously known.

Infected by New Covid

Exposure to New Covid Malaria

The symptoms of this new variation are similar, but the symptoms may be more severe. There is no vaccine for this parasite. The symptoms of New Covid Malaria include fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, and muscle aches.

Testing for New Covid Variants

Infectious disease expert Dr. Marcia Crosse warns that new variants of the virus are appearing across all continents. These variants are resistant to treatments and difficult to diagnose. It is important for clinicians to be aware of these new strains, especially when patients present with symptoms atypical of the typical illness.

Treatment Options for New Covid

A new strain of the malaria-causing parasite called Covid; that has been reported in more than half of African countries. The new strain is causing severe illness in patients, who are often resistant to traditional treatment. The treatment of choice for Covid is artemisinin combination therapy, but resistance is also a growing problem with this medication.

What is the Current Status of the Outbreak?

The current status of the outbreak is unknown. The World Health Organization has so far confirmed cases in Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.



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