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North Korea claims that new fever cases were flu, not COVID-19, amid rising cases.

North Korea has said that the latest fever cases detected in the border region with China were NOT COVID-19 as initially feared, but influenza cases instead.


New fever cases in North Korea have been confirmed to be the flu, not COVID-19.

The country maintained that it had no confirmed COVID-19 cases as of August 10.

The latest fever cases detected in North Korea’s border region with China were tested to be influenza, not coronavirus infections as initially feared, the country said Friday.

After four people in Ryanggang province had fevers that were suspected to be COVID-19, North Korea locked down unspecified areas in the province, according to a report by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency.

Since August 10, North Korea has maintained that it has had no confirmed coronavirus cases, when leader Kim Jong Un declared a widely disputed victory over the virus, just three months after the country acknowledged an outbreak.

After conducting diagnostic tests and taking into account the symptoms and information from contact tracing, health workers concluded that the fevers were caused by influenza, according to KCNA. It said that the patients have since returned to normal temperatures.

North Korean officials lifted the lockdown, but they urged residents to maintain vigilance by continuing to wear masks and reporting to health authorities immediately if they experience fever symptoms.

Experts believe that North Korea has manipulated disclosures on its outbreak to help Kim maintain absolute control, even though he claimed that the country’s success against the virus would be recognized as a global health miracle. Experts say that Kim’s victory statement signals his aim to move to other priorities, including a possible nuclear test.

North Korea has accused South Korea of being responsible for its COVID-19 outbreak and has warned of “deadly” retaliation, saying that the virus was transported by anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets and other materials flown across the border by balloons introduced by South Korean civilian activists.

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