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The Chenab Bridge, the world’s highest railway bridge, was inaugurated today in J&K.


On weekday, August 13, 2022, the world’s highest single-arch rail bridge, created to link disparate components of Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir, was inaugurated in a very important accomplishment. Today, the golden joint of the world’s highest Chenab railway bridge was inaugurated. The overarch deck on the world’s highest single-arch railway bridge over the Chenab stream are going to be launched, notably linking Srinagar to the remainder of Bharat for the primary time since independence.

The bridge structure on the arch, which is able to eventually connect at the middle of the arch, is being step by step pushed from the 2 ends of the Chenab stream vale. “This has been an extended journey,” aforementioned Sanjay Gupta, the Chairman and MD of Konkan Railway.” The term Golden Joint was coined by civil engineers… Its the worlds highest railway bridge.”

Giridhar Rajagopalan, Deputy administrator of Afcons, said, “We will with confidence state that the bridge would be roughly ninety eight per cent complete when the golden joint is finished.” The confidence we have a tendency to gained from that created it simple to handle the project’s balance portion.

“We square measure with excitement anticipating the future golden joint milestone with NR and KRCL,” Giridhar continuing. As the world watches with keen eyes India’s ‘golden’ accomplishment, the Chenab Bridge stands out as an emblem of the country’s engineering superior skill. The bridge, that spans the Chenab stream, may be a effort of recent engineering, with its involved style and construction overcoming many challenges. A few of the challenges that the engineers and railway officers had to beat to urge to the current purpose were the earth science, the tough parcel of land, and therefore the hostile atmosphere. Construction is presently afoot for the world’s highest railway bridge. Upon completion, the bridge are going to be thirty five meters taller than the tower.

In addition to the Chenab Bridge, Afcons is building sixteen extra railway bridges for Konkan Railway Corporation restricted (KRCL) within the dangerous parcel of land of Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir. The Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) project, at associate degree calculable value of Rs Rs 28,000 crore, consists of all the bridges. In just over 2 months, over 1,550 blocky meters of concrete were poured across four levels. The event occurred at Sangaldan in Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir, quite ninety meters on top of the encompassing country.

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