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The government has hiked DA by 4% for employees, Know the truth.


Based on retail inflation data, the DA and DR are typically revised twice a year, in Jan and July.


As of July 1, the Dearness Allowance for government employees had been raised from 34% to 38%, according to the forged letter.

The DA and DR are typically revised twice a year, in January and July, based on retail inflation data.

The government may consider a DA increase of up to 4% in July.

A faux order claiming that the extra installment of costliness Allowance are going to be effective from 01.07.2022 is current on WhatsApp.”PIB truth Check” same on Th that the Department of Expenditure had not issued any such order.The Department of Expenditure typically makes district attorney hike announcements.

The pretend letter on WhatsApp claims that the costliness Allowance collectable to Central Government staff shall be increased from the present rate of thirty four per cent to thirty eight per cent of the fundamental Pay with result from first Gregorian calendar month, 2022. Arrears of costliness Allowance are paid together with the Gregorian calendar month 2022 remuneration, as declared within the letter.

The government could contemplate a district attorney increase of up to four-dimensional in Gregorian calendar month. If the report is correct, central government staff can receive a rise of thirty eighth in their district attorney.The AICPI was one hundred twenty five. one in Jan and Feb, and one hundred twenty five in March, before rising to 126 in April. Rising inflation caused the April AICPI to extend to 127.7. In May, AICPI increased considerably to 129. a forty five increase in district attorney is probably going if the AICPI remains at that level. CPI-based inflation in April reached a eight-year high of seven.79%.

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