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The Mumbai-Guwahati IndiGo flight’s engine stall warning created THIS mid-air scare.


As an Emirates Boeing 777 jet passed through an IndiGo flight, the latter reported a stall warning for engine 1, according to ANI.


An IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Guwahati reported an engine 1 stall warning just after take-off.

The incident took place when a bigger aircraft passed through the IndiGo flight’s path.

The IndiGo flight created ‘wake turbulence’ mid-air, endangering other aircraft.

An IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Guwahati reported an engine stall warning due to wake turbulence from a Boeing 777 aircraft passing in the opposite direction. The ‘wake turbulence’ arose due to the large jet aircraft crossing in the opposite direction of the Indigo aircraft, according to sources. After witnessing wake turbulence by Emirates Boeing’s (B-777) big plane, the IndiGo’s aircraft cruised steadily to its destination without any difficulty. The IndiGo plane bound for Mumbai took off from Guwahati airport as scheduled at around 6:32 am this morning.

The FAA, the largest US-based transportation agency, has mentioned that sometimes the wake turbulence can be negligible, or sometimes it can be disastrous.

The severity of a wake turbulence encounter will vary greatly.”The encounter’s impact depends on the burden, wingspan, size of the craft it originates from, the gap from that craft, and also the purpose of vortex encounter,” office same on wake turbulence.

“Pilots should remember of the chance of a wake turbulence encounter once flying through the wake of another craft, and change the flight path consequently,” the FAA’s Flight Safety browse.The airline has according the incident to India’s aviation regulative body, Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA), and there was no harm to the plane or passengers. IndiGo declined to form any official discuss the incident.

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