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The Secretary of FPI chaired a roundtable interaction with the Resident Commissioners.

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 11:00 AM, the Secretary of FPI will chair a roundtable interaction with Resident Commissioners.
The purpose of the roundtable was to inform the Ministry’s plan of action for the proposed Mega Food Event to States / UTs and discuss possible areas of collaboration. During the keynote address, the Secretary of FPI informed the RCs that the mega event would be organized in October 2023 and is being envisaged on a much larger scale than the event earlier organized by the Ministry.
The purpose of this event is to showcase State / UT-specific opportunities, allow interactions between global and domestic business leaders, suppliers, purchasers, and technology providers for collaborations, and generate investment & sourcing interests across the value chain of food processing and food retail sectors.
To make the event a grand success, all States / UTs were requested to share feedback/suggestions. The Ministry requested their active participation in the event, as well as support in creating awareness and ensuring the participation of senior policymakers, agri-food companies, FPOs / SHGs, and all relevant stakeholders in the mega food event.
As part of the ‘International Year of Millets’, the Ministry is planning a series of activities to create awareness of the many benefits of millets and millet-based value-added products.
Throughout the year 2023 and during the Mega Food Event 2023, all participating RCs assured support to MoFPI. -Some of the suggestions/feedback included requirements for focused campaigning of the mega food event, as well as benefits of millets domestically & in international expos.
Invest India was advised to coordinate with the States and UTs to ensure their active participation in implementing the identified plan of action.
The secretary of FPI urged all States and UTs to engage with the Ministry to showcase the strength of the Indian food processing sector and to actively participate to avail the maximum benefits of the mega event.
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