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Things Your Baby Loves In The Womb

There are so many things that your baby loves in the womb! Here are just a few of the things that are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face:

1. The sound of your voice:

Research has shown that babies can recognize their mother’s voice from inside the womb. So go ahead and talk to your baby as much as you like – they love it!

2. Music:

Studies have shown that music can have a positive effect on babies in the womb. Whether it’s soothing lullabies or upbeat tunes, your baby is sure to enjoy the music you play for them.

3. Movement:

Babies love movement, and they are especially fond of being rocked or bounced gently. So go ahead and give your baby a little movement – they’ll love it!

4. Light:

Babies are also drawn to light, and they will often move towards any source of light that they can see. So if you want to give your baby a little extra light, try opening the curtains or turning on a lamp near your womb.

5. Snuggles:

There’s nothing that your baby loves more than being snuggled up close to you. So go ahead and give your little one some extra love and snuggles – they’ll adore it!

6. Belly Massage:

While mothers usually apply massage oil to the belly to avoid stretch marks, they are also making the baby happy. The belly massage is loved by the baby and it will give stimulation to your baby. Do not exert too much pressure while doing massage.

7. Keep your mood happy:

They could be unhappy or low in spirits for multiple reasons. Managing stress is important, as more stress can affect the baby. The baby can sense your happiness and your sadness too.

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