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TV serial Anupama’s ‘Nandini’ aka Anagha Bhosle shared her latest Marathi look.

There are many such actresses in the world of TV cinema, who have chosen the path of religion by saying goodbye to acting. It also includes the name of actress Anagha Bhosle, who was seen in the hit serial Anupama, who was playing the role of Nandini in this serial. Anagha is now away from the world of the limelight and is absorbed in the devotion of Lord Krishna, but she keeps telling about herself on social media. Anagha Bhosle has shared some of her pictures, in which her simplicity has won the hearts of the fans. Anagha Bhosle’s Marathi look is being liked a lot.

Simplicity seen in photos:

Anagha Bhosle is in Pandharpur these days, where she has shared some of her beautiful photos. She is wearing a saree in these photos. Anagha Bhosle is seen wearing a blue colored Marathi saree in the picture. She didn’t wear any makeup. She looks beautiful in her simplicity. Anagha Bhosle’s smile made the photo more beautiful.

Shared photo with parents:

Anagha Bhosle has also shared a picture with her parents on social media, which is taken from outside the temple. In the photo, she has taken a saree on her head. There, she is hugging her mother from the side. These photos of Anagha Bhosle are being liked a lot on social media. Everyone is writing Radhe-Radhe or Hare Krishna Hare Rama in the comment section.

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Marathi look was also praised:

Fans have also liked Anagha Bhosle’s Marathi look. Many fans in the comment section have asked Anagha if she is Marathi. So some have called her the best actress. Anagha wrote in the caption, “Jari Baap Sir Jagcha Par Tu, Aama Lekhanchi Vithu Mauli.” Hey Vitthal, hey Panduranga and Rakhumai thank you for calling us, #Pandharpurdhaam ki jai”. Anagha Bhosle said goodbye to the acting world only last year, after which she is immersed in the devotion of Krishna.

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