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US sent 12,000 troops to the Russian border, so is it World War III? Biden replied

US President Joe Biden has sent 12,000 troops to the border with Russia in countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania. However, he insisted that he was not going to fight World War III in Ukraine and that Russian President Vladimir Putin would never be victorious in a war waged against Ukraine. Addressing members of the House Democratic Caucus on Friday, Biden made clear that the United States was “not going to fight World War III in Ukraine” but sent a “stern message” that Washington would defend every inch of NATO territory. Will protect.’

The North Atlantic Treaty Area (NATO) is a military grouping of 30 North American and European countries. According to NATO, it aims to ensure the independence and security of its member states through military and political means. Biden said the people of Ukraine have shown bravery and courage in dealing with Russian aggression, but US security aid has played an important role in their defence.

‘Will stand by our allies in Europe’

“And just as we are supporting Ukraine, we will stand with our allies in Europe,” the US president said. Will send a clear message that we will defend every inch of land that comes under NATO purview with a united and aggressive NATO. So I have sent 12,000 US troops to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania and a few other countries to the border with Russia. If we retaliate, a third world war is certain.”

“It is our sacred responsibility to defend NATO territory, but we will not fight a third war in Ukraine,” the US president said. Just think of the idea that we send destroyers to bring American soldiers and pilots to Ukraine and our planes, trains and tanks…

‘Successful in further isolating Russia on the global stage’

According to the US President, he has discussed for hours with his allies in the European Union, NATO and Asia. As a result, we have been able to increase economic pressure on Putin and isolate Russia on the global stage, he said. According to Biden, the G-7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the US) have taken steps to give Russia a preferential state status. He claimed that the Russian economy has been badly affected by the economic sanctions imposed by the US.

“The economic and export sanctions we have imposed are crushing the Russian economy,” Biden said. The devaluation of the ruble has more than halved. Moscow Stock Exchange is closed… why is it closed? Because it will collapse as soon as it is opened. The credit rating agencies have drastically downgraded the rating of the Russian government.

‘Putin will never win the Ukraine war’

The US President claimed that democratic countries are united for global peace and security. He said, ‘We are showing courage and we will never waver. Putin will never win the Ukraine war. I want to thank the world as a unified front for resisting Russian aggression. When Putin attacked, he thought he might split NATO. He thought he could divide the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties in America, but he failed.



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