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VIRAL VIDEO: ‘मम्मी जल्दी बुलाई लियो रे…’ Bride’s Unique Bidaai Leaves Everyone in Awe

In weddings, the farewell moment often brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Not just the bride and her family, but even the guests become emotional witnesses. However, sometimes brides bid farewell in such a way that even though you may not want to, a smile escapes. A video of such a unique farewell is making waves on social media, capturing everyone’s attention.

In this viral wedding video, you witness the culmination of a wedding ceremony. The preparations for the bride’s farewell are in full swing, and the groom sits in the car, waiting to take her away. Just moments later, the bride begins to shed tears, and her crying is so intense that it provokes laughter from onlookers. In her farewell, the bride lets out loud sobs and adamantly refuses to go with the groom. Eventually, a man steps in to escort her towards the car, while she insists on calling her parents quickly.

The bride’s heartfelt farewell is truly a sight to behold. Such scenes are rarely seen, and this one has left netizens commenting uncontrollably. The video was uploaded on the Instagram account @wedding_vibes000. One user commented, “I can’t help but laugh at times like these.” Another female user shared her experience, saying, “I didn’t cry like this at my wedding. I did cry but with grace.” A third user wrote, “I find the cameraman amusing.” This farewell video has already been viewed by millions of people.

Anshu Harvansh
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