5 Practices to Follow on Holika Dahan for Positivity and Prosperity

source - canva

Light a ghee diya: Placing a ghee diya in the northern corner of your house is believed to attract positivity and peace.

 Offering cow dung cakes, mustard seeds and oil, sesame seeds, sugar, wheat grains, Akshat, and dried coconut to the holy fire is considered to bring good luck and prosperity.

Offer water while doing the parikrama: While going around the fire, offering water to the fire symbolizes purification and is believed to bring blessings from the deity.

On the day of Holika Dahan, applying a mixture of turmeric and sesame oil all over your body and later offering the scraped turmeric to the Holika fire is believed to bring good health and ward off negative energies.

 Collecting and smearing the ash from the Holika Dahan bonfire on the body is considered pious and believed to purify the body and soul.