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 In the #Dipak Chaurasia case, Gurugram policemen are trying to save Deepak because the policemen are also involved.  

No concrete action is being taken even after Journalists are in Court.

8 big journalists like disgusting, corrupt #Deepak_Charasia, Chitra Tripathi, and Syed Sohail in the Chhoti Damini case who lied to the world under the guise of TRP In Court but have not been arrested yet

The High Court imposed a fine of Rs 2 lakh on Deepak Chaurasia in the Pocso case.

BREAKING LAWS, Chaurasia is fined, why media houses are not exposing the faces of these culprits who are being shocked by the court?

#Dipak Chaurasi and his gang were accused of POSCO ACT but they are BREAKING LAWS again and again & police are not taking strict action against them. For them, the judiciary is the puppet of their hands.

Innocent people are punished only on allegations in false cases, but no arrest is made against corrupt journalist #Deepak Charasia even after an arrest warrant is issued! Why so and for how long?