Gujarat Man Receives Death Sentence for Brutal Murder of Minor Girl

The man, identified as Pravin Patel, was found guilty of the brutal murder of a 9-year-old girl in Gujarat.

The girl was reportedly stabbed 34 times by Patel, in a gruesome crime that shocked the local community.

The court described the case as "rarest of the rare" and sentenced Patel to death.

The case was fast-tracked by the court, with the trial and sentencing taking place within just six months.

The family of the victim expressed relief and satisfaction at the sentence and thanked the judiciary for their swift action.

The case has once again highlighted the issue of violence against women and children in India, and the need for harsher punishment for such crimes.

The death sentence handed down to Patel has been welcomed by many as a sign of justice being served in a case of such heinous brutality.

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