Shah Applauds Modi's Foreign Policy, Discusses Security and Launches Survey


Amit Shah lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his role in  formulating Bharat's foreign and security policies, highlighting their  effectiveness in addressing current needs and preparing for future  challenges.

Shah emphasized the significance of Modi's opinion on global issues,  noting that world leaders eagerly await his insights before addressing these matters, indicating India's increasing influence on the global stage under Modi's leadership.

Shah participated in a discussion titled 'Security Beyond Tomorrow: Forging India's Resilient Future,' organized by ORF, showcasing a commitment to addressing India's security concerns and planning for its long-term resilience.

Additionally, Shah launched the 'ORF Foreign Policy Survey,' suggesting  a proactive approach towards understanding and shaping India's foreign  policy landscape, further demonstrating the government's commitment to  strategic planning and analysis in international affairs.

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