Sukesh Chandrasekhar writes to Delhi LG alleging preferential treatment to Manish Sisodia in VVIP ward

Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who is currently lodged in Tihar jail in connection with a bribery case, has written a letter to the Delhi Lieutenant Governor.

In the letter, he alleges that Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is being given preferential treatment in the VVIP ward of Tihar jail.

Sisodia was recently arrested on charges of sedition and has been lodged in the VVIP ward of Tihar jail.

Chandrasekhar claims that Sisodia has been given sevadars, which are personal attendants, in violation of jail rules.

He also alleges that Sisodia is being allowed to use a separate room in the VVIP ward, which is not permitted under the jail rules.

Chandrasekhar's letter has raised questions about the fairness of the treatment being given to Sisodia in jail.

The Delhi government has denied the allegations of preferential treatment and has stated that Sisodia is being treated like any other inmate in the VVIP ward.

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