Supreme Court Directs Centre to Communicate Timelines for Payment of OROP Arrears

The Supreme Court has directed the Indian government to communicate clear timelines for the payment of OROP arrears to eligible ex-servicemen.

The directive follows a plea filed by a group of ex-servicemen seeking clarity on the payment of OROP arrears.

OROP is a pension scheme that aims to ensure uniform pension payments for retired military personnel.

The payment of OROP arrears has been a contentious issue, with many ex-servicemen alleging delays and inconsistencies in the payment process.

The Supreme Court's directive is aimed at addressing these concerns and ensuring that eligible ex-servicemen receive their due payments.

The Indian government has been actively working to address the concerns of ex-servicemen and improve their access to benefits and services.

The Supreme Court's intervention in the matter is an important step towards ensuring that ex-servicemen are treated fairly and receive the benefits they are entitled to under the law.

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