"Virat Kohli Furious as KS Bharat Hits Usman Khawaja with Throw in India-Australia Match"

During a practice match between India and Australia, KS Bharat attempted a run-out by throwing the ball at the stumps but ended up hitting Usman Khawaja instead.

The incident left Virat Kohli furious as he felt that it was unnecessary and could have caused injury to Khawaja.

Kohli was seen having a heated discussion with Bharat on the field, and the two were later seen talking to each other in the dressing room as well.

Bharat apologized to Khawaja for the incident, and the Australian batsman was seen shaking hands with the Indian wicketkeeper to show that there were no hard feelings.

The incident has raised concerns about the intensity of the practice matches between India and Australia, which are being played ahead of the upcoming series.

Both teams are preparing for a four-match Test series, which will start on March 24 in Adelaide.

The India-Australia rivalry has always been intense, and incidents like these only add to the tension between the two sides.

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