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You can book a tour of the Taj Mahal from anywhere in the world. the steps you need to follow:


Now guides from distant countries can be booked by foreign tourists living in their own countries. This can be done with just one click. You can find your guide comfortably by clicking on any of the world’s best and most famous websites.


The Uttar Pradesh Ministry of Tourism is working rapidly to implement this system.

After coming to Agra, tourists usually have to find a guide.

The Uttar Pradesh Ministry of Tourism is reportedly working rapidly to implement this system. The agency will take the list of guides from UPT and post their full profiles on a famous website. The tourist will not be cheated because the guide did a complete investigation.

The guides at UPT will now be empanelled and they will not have any problem getting work. Tourists from any country will be able to get a guide in their language through the website. The guides’ phone numbers will also be mentioned on the websites.

Information about emporiums can be obtained for visiting other nearby tourist places, staying in hotels, and shopping, apart from the Taj Mahal.

The tourist usually has to find a guide after coming to Agra. The guide informs the tourist of the fee as per his convenience. He may charge less in fees, but he does take a commission by taking the tourist to the emporium. Fraud also happens at the same time. The Ministry of Tourism also receives complaints for.

The current requirements for booking your guides are:

1 to 5 tourists: Half Day Rs 1800, full day Rs 2200
6 to 14 tourists: Half Day Rs 2200, full day Rs 2850
15 to 40 tourists: Half Day Rs 2900, full day Rs 3800
For guides in languages other than Hindi and English, payable extra: Half day Rs 600, full day Rs 800

This will prevent any fraud against tourists. If the tourist experiences fraud, they will be able to get the solution resolved by complaining to the authorities.

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