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Animal Box Office Day 6: Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal Earns ₹314.50 Cr in Week 1

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Ranbir Kapoor’s latest venture, ‘Animal,’ continues to make waves with its resounding success at the box office. As it concludes its phenomenal Week 1, the film has already secured a glorious total, with the numbers expected in Weekend 2 providing a glimpse into its potential lifetime total.

Week 1 Triumph:

The film kicked off its stellar performance with an impressive Friday, raking in ₹54.75 cr, followed by a robust Saturday at ₹58.37 cr and a sensational Sunday at ₹63.46 cr. The momentum carried into the weekdays, with Monday contributing ₹40.06 cr, Tuesday at ₹34.02 cr, and Wednesday at ₹27.80 cr. The cumulative total for the Hindi version stands at a staggering ₹278.46 cr in Nett BOC.

South Indian Success:

‘Animal’ also made a mark in South Indian languages, pulling in ₹9.05 cr on Friday, ₹8.90 cr on Saturday, and ₹7.23 cr on Sunday. The weekdays continued the triumph with ₹4.41 cr on Monday, ₹3.80 cr on Tuesday, and ₹2.65 cr on Wednesday. The cumulative Nett BOC for the South Indian languages totals ₹36.04 cr.

All Languages Roar:

When combining the Hindi and South Indian language versions, ‘Animal’ has achieved an outstanding All Languages Total of ₹314.50 cr in Nett BOC. This remarkable success solidifies the film’s status as a blockbuster, captivating audiences across diverse linguistic landscapes.

As ‘Animal’ paves its way into Weekend 2, the anticipation builds around its lifetime total, with the film poised to continue its triumphant run in the box office records. Ranbir Kapoor and the entire team behind ‘Animal’ celebrate not just a film but a cinematic phenomenon that has captivated the hearts of audiences nationwide. The roar of ‘Animal’ echoes loud and clear, marking its dominance in the realm of Bollywood blockbusters.

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