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Ankita Lokhande’s Dream Come True: Dancing with Madhuri Dixit

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The anticipation reaches its zenith as contestants from ”Bigg Boss Season 17” grace the sets of ”Dance Deewane”. Ankita Lokhande, expressing immense excitement, shared her anticipation of sharing the stage with Madhuri Dixit and dancing alongside the Bollywood legend.

Dream Moment with Madhuri Dixit:

Ankita Lokhande took to Instagram, posting a video showcasing her dance alongside Madhuri Dixit, fulfilling a long-cherished dream. Accompanied by her husband Vicky Jain, also a former ”Bigg Boss 17” contestant, Ankita experienced a surreal moment on ”Dance Deewane”. They gracefully danced to the iconic song ‘Ek Do Teen’.

In her caption, Ankita expressed her gratitude and admiration for Madhuri Dixit, praising her grace, elegance, and infectious joy. She emphasized that true artistry transcends mere skill, evoking emotions and leaving a lasting impression. Ankita professed her desire to emulate Madhuri Dixit’s timeless allure, expressing her love and admiration for the legendary actress.

Ankita’s heartfelt tribute resonates with fans, celebrating Madhuri Dixit’s enduring legacy and influence as an artist and symbol of grace. As the contestants of ”Bigg Boss Season 17” take center stage on ”Dance Deewane”, the fusion of talent and nostalgia promises an unforgettable spectacle for audiences.

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