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Anshula Kapoor & Rohan Thakkar’s Viral Romance: A Birthday Celebration to Remember

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Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor’s sister, Anshula Kapoor, has once again captured the spotlight, this time for sharing intimate moments from her boyfriend Rohan Thakkar’s birthday celebration. The romantic photos featuring kisses and adorable poses have quickly gone viral on social media.

Anshula Kapoor shared romantic photos on Boyfriend’s birthday:

In the images, Anshula Kapoor is seen passionately kissing her boyfriend Rohan Thakkar, showcasing their affectionate bond. The couple’s romantic gestures have become the talk of the town, with fans showering the pictures with likes and comments. Anshula’s social media presence often includes glimpses of her life, and this particular set of pictures has set the internet abuzz.

The birthday celebration also featured a delightful cake for Rohan Thakkar, adding a sweet touch to the romantic affair. Fans couldn’t help but express their admiration for the cute cake, showcasing the attention to detail in making the celebration special.

Anshula Kapoor got romantic with Rohan:

Anshula Kapoor and Rohan Thakkar’s chemistry shines through in the candid shots, with Anshula donning a happy and content expression. The couple’s cute poses and romantic moments have resonated with fans, who have been sharing and commenting on the pictures extensively.

As Anshula Kapoor continues to make headlines with her personal life, these viral pictures offer a glimpse into the love-filled celebration, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more candid moments from the Bollywood sibling’s life.

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