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Anupam Kher Remembers His Father: A Tribute to Pushkarnath Kher

Bollywood veteran Anupam Kher took to Twitter to share heartfelt memories of his late father, Pushkarnath Kher, on the 12th anniversary of his passing. Alongside poignant photographs, Kher expressed profound admiration for his father’s extraordinary qualities. He praised Pushkarnath Ji’s love, simplicity, sacrifice, and sense of humor, emphasizing how these virtues continue to inspire him daily.

Kher reflected on his father’s selfless nature, describing him as a beacon of love and kindness. He credited Pushkarnath Ji for teaching him to celebrate life’s failures, instilling invaluable lessons that shaped his character. The actor fondly remembered his father’s unwavering support and affirmed that his spirit remains a guiding presence in his life.

Through his touching tribute, Anupam Kher not only honored his father’s memory but also highlighted the enduring impact of a parent’s love and wisdom. Pushkarnath Ji’s legacy lives on through his son’s words, serving as a reminder of the profound influence of familial bonds and the cherished moments shared with loved ones.

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