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Anupama: Malati Devi to Introduce New Challenges for Anupama, Anuj Takes a Stand

In the upcoming episodes of the popular television show ‘Anupama,’ viewers can expect a fresh wave of challenges for the protagonist Anupama, as Malati Devi strives once again to complicate her life. This time, Malati Devi will play a role in disrupting Anupama’s relationship with her Granddaughter, Choti Anu, contributing to potential difficulties shortly. In the episode, Anupama confronts Choti Anu about her behavior towards a school friend, urging her to make amends by apologizing over a call.

Malati Devi Takes Choti Anu’s Side

While Anupama attempts to counsel her daughter, Malati Devi intentionally intervenes, openly expressing her support for Choti Anu. This move may lead Choti Anu to believe she is not at fault. During this confrontation, Malati Devi goes so far as to criticize Anupama in front of Choti Anu, leaving Anupama in a state of shock. Though Anuj will step in to mediate, preventing Malati Devi from further interference.

Vanraj’s Joyful News

Simultaneously, in the Shah household, Vanraj will return home with exciting news of securing a significant job in a reputed firm. This revelation will bring joy to Ba-Bapuji, and in celebration, Vanraj will distribute sweets to everyone. Kavya, entering the scene, will seize the opportunity to request permission to stay with the Shah family for a few days, a request that Ba-Bapuji is likely to grant.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers can anticipate a mix of emotions, challenges, and moments of joy in the lives of Anupama and her family. The dynamics between Anupama, Malati Devi, Anuj, and the Shah family will continue to shape the narrative, keeping audiences hooked to the evolving plot.

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