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Anupama: New Entry Tipesh Shakes Things Up, A Romantic Dance & Family Drama Unfolds

In the popular TV serial “Anupama,” the introduction of Tipesh is causing quite a stir. In a recent episode, it was evident that Dimpie does not like Tipesh at all, and she makes her feelings known.

Tipesh’s Unexpected Arrival: Drama Awaits

In the upcoming episode, Tipesh is set to challenge Dimpie’s dislike by making his way to the Shah house. The face-off is sure to be with Anupama herself. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, the stars of the serial, will deliver another gripping episode.

Anuj and Anupama’s Jugalbandi: A Romantic Twist

As viewers look forward, they will see Anuj challenging Anupama, and the two will dance together in front of their families. The sparks will fly, and the lights will go out, creating a memorable moment.

Tipesh Joins Dance Academy: A Surprising Offer

As the serial progresses, Anupama and Tipesh are seen conversing in the kitchen area. Anupama reminds Tipesh of her late Son, Samar. Intriguingly, Anupama extends an offer to Tipesh to join her dance academy. While Dimpie is taken aback by this, Tipesh readily accepts.

Lila Ben’s Discomfort: A Family Meeting

Lila Ben is not pleased when she sees Dimpie and Tipesh engaged in a private conversation outside the house. She voices her disapproval, and Anuj intervenes, causing some tension. This family gathering will undoubtedly lead to more drama in the episodes to come.

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