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Anurag Dobhal and Khanzaadi Set to Release Romantic Track ‘Rangreza’

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Bigg Boss 17 constants Anurag Dobhal, also known as UK07 Rider, and Firoz Khan, aka Khanzaadi, are set to enchant fans with their upcoming romantic track, “Rangreza.” The current season of Bigg Boss has not only showcased intense on-screen drama but also fostered genuine friendships behind the scenes. The camaraderie between Khanzaadi and Anurag Dobhal has particularly shone through, captivating audiences with its authenticity.

Now, fans eagerly anticipate the release of “Rangreza,” a music video that promises to be a celebration of love and romance. Anurag Dobhal recently teased fans with a sneak peek of the track on his Instagram, heightening excitement for its imminent drop.

The collaboration between Dobhal and Khanzaadi marks a significant milestone in their post-Bigg Boss journeys, demonstrating the enduring bonds forged within the reality show’s walls. As viewers await the release of “Rangreza,” they anticipate being treated to a visual and auditory feast that showcases the talent and chemistry of these two beloved personalities.

With its Teaser release scheduled for today, “Rangreza” is poised to capture hearts and reaffirm the enduring friendships nurtured on Bigg Boss. Stay tuned for a mesmerizing musical experience courtesy of Anurag Dobhal and Firoz Khan.

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