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Arunachal’s Kayaker Kishon Tekseng Shines on International Stage: Secures Third Prize

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Arunachal Pradesh takes pride in the remarkable achievements of its young athletes, and Kayaker Kishon Tekseng’s recent triumph on the international stage has added another feather to the state’s sporting cap.

Celebrating Kishon Tekseng’s Success

Pema Khandu, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, extended his heartfelt congratulations to Kishon Tekseng for his outstanding performance in the International White Water Kayaking Competition, Megha Kayak Fest 2023. The young kayaker exhibited exemplary skills, determination, and sportsmanship to secure the prestigious third prize.

Competing Against the Best

Tekseng’s journey to success was marked by fierce competition against international paddlers, making his achievement even more commendable. In the challenging world of whitewater kayaking, his dedication and talent shone through, earning him a well-deserved place on the winners’ podium.

A Promising Future

Pema Khandu expressed his confidence in Kishon Tekseng’s future prospects in the world of kayaking. The Chief Minister believes that Tekseng’s passion, dedication, and hard work will continue to propel him to even greater heights in his kayaking journey.

The success of young athletes like Kishon Tekseng serves as an inspiration to the youth of Arunachal Pradesh, highlighting the state’s potential in the world of sports. His achievements reinforce the commitment of the state to nurture and support emerging talent, ensuring a brighter future for sports in Arunachal Pradesh.

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