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Assam Budget Allocates ₹240 Cr to Empower Girl Child Education, Ensuring Brighter Futures

Assam Budget: In a bold move aimed at advancing gender equality and fostering educational opportunities, the Assam Budget for the upcoming fiscal year has allocated ₹240 crore towards empowering girl child education. This substantial investment underscores the state government’s commitment to providing equitable access to education and creating pathways for a brighter future for young girls across Assam.

The initiative aims to provide financial assistance to 10 lakh girls to pursue higher studies, thereby empowering them with the tools and resources necessary to fulfill their academic aspirations and achieve their career goals. By removing financial barriers to education, the program seeks to ensure that every girl in Assam has the opportunity to realize her full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

The allocation towards girl child education reflects the government’s recognition of the pivotal role that education plays in driving socio-economic development and fostering inclusive growth. By investing in the education of girls, Assam is not only investing in their individual futures but also in the overall development and prosperity of the state.

Moreover, this initiative aligns with the broader national agenda of promoting girls’ education and empowering women, as outlined in various government schemes and initiatives. By prioritizing girl child education in the budget, Assam sets a positive example for other states to follow in advancing gender equality and promoting inclusive development.

Overall, the allocation of ₹240 crore towards empowering girl child education in the Assam Budget signifies a significant step towards creating a more equitable and prosperous society. By investing in the education of girls, the state is laying the foundation for a brighter future and unlocking the full potential of its young population.

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