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‘Bastar- The Naxal Story’ Teaser Out: A Glimpse into a Gripping Drama

Teaser Release Announcement: The makers of the much-anticipated drama film ‘Bastar- The Naxal Story,’ featuring Adah Sharma, have revealed the film’s official teaser, stirring anticipation among audiences.

Adah Sharma Shares Teaser:

Adah Sharma took to Instagram to share the teaser, urging viewers to delve into the narrative colored with the blood of innocent people. Titled “Bastar – The Naxal Story,” the teaser offers a glimpse into the untold saga.

Directed and Produced:

Helmed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, ‘Bastar- The Naxal Story’ is slated for theatrical release on March 15, promising a gripping cinematic experience.

Monologue by Adah Sharma:

The one-minute-long teaser showcases a powerful monologue delivered by Adah Sharma’s character, IPS Neerja Madhvan, providing a glimpse into the film’s strong narration and the truths it will unveil.

Exposing Truths:

The teaser exposes the truth about the number of martyrs and sheds light on the propaganda propagated by pseudo-intellectuals funded by China to divide the country. It calls for deep reflection on the current state of affairs.

Fan Reactions:

Following the teaser’s release, fans and friends flooded the comment section, sharing their reactions and anticipation for the film’s release. The teaser has ignited conversations and stirred curiosity about the story that ‘Bastar- The Naxal Story’ aims to tell.

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