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Beware of Fake Recruitment Message: No Vacancies for Constables and Sub-Inspectors in RPF

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In recent days, an alarming message has been circulating on the website ‘RTUEXAM.NET’, claiming to announce recruitment for 4208 vacancies of Constables and 452 Sub-Inspectors in the Railway Protection Force (RPF). However, it is imperative to clarify that no such notification has been issued by the RPF or the Ministry of Railways through their official websites or any legitimate print or electronic media channels.

The public must be aware that this news is entirely fabricated and should be disregarded by all individuals. Falling victim to such fraudulent schemes can lead to misinformation and potential exploitation of unsuspecting job seekers.

The RPF and the Ministry of Railways emphasize that they are committed to conducting recruitment processes transparently and by established procedures. Any official announcements regarding vacancies or recruitment drives will be disseminated through authorized channels, ensuring authenticity and reliability.

In light of this, everyone needs to exercise caution and verify the credibility of any recruitment-related information before taking any action. Ignoring misleading messages like the one propagated on ‘RTUEXAM.NET’ is crucial to safeguarding against deception and maintaining trust in legitimate recruitment processes.

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