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Big Ships to Sail in Uttar Pradesh Rivers: Govt Promotes Water Transport

Uttar Pradesh, a state blessed with perennial rivers, is now gearing up to revive and promote water transport through its waterways. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered the establishment of an Inland Waterways Authority to harness the potential of water transportation and boost the sector’s growth. With a rich history of water-based travel in the state, the government aims to rejuvenate this traditional mode of transportation for the benefit of both goods and passenger traffic.

The National Waterway from Prayagraj to Haldia

A significant milestone in this endeavor is the creation of a national waterway stretching from Prayagraj to Haldia. This waterway has witnessed an increasing number of people using it for transportation. In line with the growing trend and recognizing the need for developing waterways further, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath conducted a high-level meeting to discuss concrete steps for their expansion and enhancement.

Forming the Uttar Pradesh Inland Waterways Authority

To give the development of waterways a planned approach, the Chief Minister has ordered the establishment of the Uttar Pradesh Inland Waterways Authority. The authority will be responsible for coordinating and regulating all activities related to inland water transport and tourism in the state. It will work in tandem with the Inland Waterways Authority of India as the nodal agency, ensuring effective collaboration and progress.

Emphasizing Environmental and Safety Compliance

As part of its responsibilities, the Inland Waterways Authority of Uttar Pradesh will also ensure compliance with environmental and safety laws concerning water transport. Additionally, it will undertake hydrographic surveys and investigations to facilitate better utilization and development of waterways. The authority will play a crucial role in safeguarding the water bodies and surrounding areas from illegal mining and settlements.

Research and Training for Enhanced Water Transport

Scientific research will be a key focus of the authority to explore opportunities for improving inland water transport, tourism, and shipping activities. Technical training programs will be conducted for stakeholders, officers, and employees associated with inland water transport to enhance their expertise and proficiency.

Composition and Leadership of the Authority

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath outlined the structure of the Inland Waterways Authority, with the Transport Minister being nominated as the ex-officio chairman. An experienced expert in the water transport sector will be appointed as the vice-chairman, bringing valuable insights to the authority’s operations. The role of the CEO will be given to the Transport Commissioner of the state. Furthermore, various related departments, including finance, culture, irrigation, and forest, will have representatives as members of the authority.

Reviving the Glory of Water Transport

The revival of water transport in Uttar Pradesh holds immense potential for the state’s economic growth and connectivity. By establishing the Inland Waterways Authority, the government demonstrates its commitment to tapping into this potential and creating a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. Preserving the historical tradition of water travel while embracing modern development, the Yogi government aims to ensure that waterways become a key contributor to Uttar Pradesh’s progress in the years to come.

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