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Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Isha Malviya’s Love Triangle Drama with Samarth and Abhishek Unfolds

The ongoing love triangle between Isha Malviya, Samarth Jurel, and Abhishek Kumar continues to be a hot topic of discussion among Bigg Boss 17 viewers.

Isha’s Change of Heart

Isha’s relationship status with Samarth Jurel has taken a rollercoaster ride, initially denying it but later accepting it. Her flip-flop behavior has left her ex-flame Abhishek Kumar in a state of confusion.

A heated argument between Isha and Samarth

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness yet another fiery exchange between Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel. A recent argument between the couple turned unpleasant when Samarth got agitated and accidentally knocked a glass of water from Isha’s hand.

Isha’s Ultimatum

Following the incident, Isha confronted Samarth about his behavior, expressing her discomfort with his aggression. She issued an ultimatum, warning that if his aggressive behavior continued, she would end their relationship then and there.

A Tearful Reconciliation

In a dramatic turn of events, a teary-eyed Samarth is seen being comforted by Isha, who apologizes for her earlier ultimatum. However, Samarth requests some time to process everything, and the two share a heartfelt hug.

Abhishek’s Involvement

Throughout their spat, Isha’s ex-boyfriend, Abhishek Kumar, witnessed the turmoil and offered comfort to Samarth. Their closeness after a history of serious allegations has baffled viewers.

The love triangle saga in Bigg Boss 17 continues to keep viewers intrigued, as relationships are tested, alliances shift, and emotions run high within the house.

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