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Bigg Boss 17: Wildcard Manasvi Mamgai Evicted from Salman Khan’s Show

The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 17 proved to be a rollercoaster of emotions, with Salman Khan at the helm of the action. From startling revelations to exciting performances, this episode had it all. Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights from the show.

Contestants’ Pre-Show Connections

The episode kicked off with Salman Khan posing some probing questions to the housemates. He wanted to know if any of the contestants had connections with each other before entering the Bigg Boss house. He urged them to be honest. Vicky Jain admitted to calling Neil two days prior to joining the show. Isha Malviya confessed to having reached out to Abhishek Kumar.

Singer King’s Energetic Performance

Salman Khan welcomed singer King to the stage, who enthralled the housemates with his rendition of ‘Tu Aaja,’ one of his hit tracks. King also added an element of fun by getting the housemates to play ‘Dil Ka Darwaza’ with each other, fostering interaction and entertainment within the house.

Promotion of ‘Dori’

The episode also featured the cast of ‘Dori,’ including Amar Upadhyay, Sudhaa Chandran, and Mahi Bhanushali. They took the Bigg Boss stage to promote their upcoming TV show, providing an exciting break from the house drama.

Nomination Announcements and Eviction

Salman Khan turned the spotlight toward the nominations. He revealed that five contestants—Sana Raees Khan, Manasvi Mamgai, Arun Mashetty, Isha Malviya, and Samarth Jurel—were nominated for eviction. Unfortunately, Manasvi received the lowest number of votes and had to bid farewell to the Bigg Boss house. Meanwhile, inside the house, tensions escalated as Abhishek, Arun, and Sunny Arya engaged in a heated argument.

The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 17 was a mix of emotions, drama, and surprises. Salman Khan’s revelations about pre-show connections among the contestants, entertaining performances, and the eviction of Manasvi Mamgai all added to the excitement. As the season unfolds, it’s clear that the drama inside the Bigg Boss house is only getting started.

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