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Box Office Triumph: Vikrant Massey’s ’12th Fail’ Performs Better

The silver screen witnessed a dual release when Vikrant Massey’s ’12th Fail’ and Kangana Ranaut’s aerial action film ‘Tejas’ hit theaters on the same day. However, it’s ’12th Fail’ that has been gaining traction, leaving ‘Tejas’ in the shadows.

Box Office Earnings for ’12th Fail’:

’12th Fail’ made a strong start at the box office, thanks to positive word-of-mouth. On its opening day, it earned Rs 1.10 crore, followed by Rs 2.50 crore on the second day. The film continued to perform well, collecting Rs 3.10 crore on the third day and Rs 1.50 crore on the fourth.

The film’s momentum carried into the fifth and sixth days, where it garnered Rs 1.65 crore and Rs 1.85 crore, respectively. On the seventh day, the collection amounted to Rs 1.30 crore, bringing the first-week earnings to Rs 13 crore.

The Journey to Rs 20 Crores:

’12th Fail’ has entered its second week with flying colors. On the eighth day, the film continued its successful run, earning Rs 1.75 crore. The total earnings now stand at Rs 14.75 crore, and it’s inching closer to the Rs 20 crore milestone. The makers are optimistic about a strong weekend performance that could propel it past the coveted Rs 20 crore mark.

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