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C T Ravi: National General Secretary of BJP turns 56 today

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C T Ravi born 18 July 1967 began his political career as the President of the BJP Karnataka Yuva Morcha, the party’s youth wing. He later became a Special Invitee and State General Secretary of the party. Ravi actively represented the BJP in press conferences and played a significant role in strengthening the party’s presence in Karnataka.

Legislative Elections and Ministerial Roles

Ravi contested several legislative elections from the Chikmagalur constituency in Karnataka. In the 2004 Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections, he emerged victorious, defeating his opponent by a significant margin. He continued to serve as a legislator and was reelected in subsequent elections, showcasing his popularity among the electorate.

In terms of ministerial roles, Ravi served as a cabinet minister in the Government of Karnataka. He held portfolios such as Higher Education, Tourism, Kannada language, and Sports and Youth. However, controversies and legal proceedings impacted his tenure as a minister.

Controversies and Legal Proceedings

Throughout his political career, C T Ravi has been embroiled in various controversies. He has faced criticism for making openly communal statements against Muslims, and his involvement in the Hindutva movement in coastal Karnataka has been notable.

Ravi has also faced legal proceedings. He was accused of being involved in a land scam, with allegations of acquiring civic amenity sites through fraudulent means. Additionally, a disproportionate assets case was filed against him, questioning the source of his wealth in relation to his documented revenue.

Controversial Statements and Actions

C T Ravi’s controversial statements and actions have garnered attention. He has been accused of making hate speeches, resulting in notices from the Election Commission and the Karnataka High Court. His inflammatory speech at an election rally and provocative statements allegedly inciting communal violence have drawn criticism.

Moreover, Ravi was involved in a car wreck incident that led to the death of two individuals. The incident sparked outrage, with locals blaming him for the accident and accusing him of driving under the influence. Protesters demanded justice and accused Ravi of not respecting the sentiments of the victims’ families.

Political Positions and Halal Food Controversy

Ravi has taken controversial positions on various issues. He has been associated with right-wing Hindutva groups and has protested against the sale of Halal food in India. His comments referring to Halal food as “economic jihad” drew widespread criticism.


C T Ravi’s political career has been marked by both successes and controversies. As the National General Secretary of the BJP, he continues to play a significant role within the party. However, his involvement in various controversies and legal proceedings has raised questions and caused divisions. The impact of his statements and actions on the political landscape of Karnataka and the BJP’s overall image remains a subject of debate.

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