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CM Himanta Biswa Declares Kaji Nemu as Assam’s State Fruit, Enhancing Global Recognition

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam has unveiled a significant decision to declare Kaji Nemu, commonly known as Assam lemon (Citrus Limon), as the State Fruit. In his announcement, CM Sarma highlighted the distinct aroma and antioxidant properties of the indigenous lemon variety, which has long enriched local cuisines and cultural traditions in the region.

With this declaration, Assam lemon is poised to gain prominence on the global fruit map, as CM Sarma emphasized its potential to enhance self-dependency and increase fruit production in the state. The recognition of Kaji Nemu as the State Fruit not only celebrates Assam’s rich culinary heritage but also signifies a strategic step towards showcasing the region’s agricultural diversity and promoting economic growth.

The decision underscores the government’s commitment to preserving and promoting indigenous fruits and their associated cultural significance. Assam lemon, with its unique flavor profile and nutritional benefits, is expected to garner increased attention both domestically and internationally, thereby boosting the state’s agricultural sector and contributing to its socio-economic development.

CM Sarma’s announcement reflects a broader vision to harness Assam’s agricultural potential and promote sustainable practices in fruit cultivation. By elevating Kaji Nemu to the status of State Fruit, Assam aims to leverage its distinctive culinary identity to attract tourism and investment, while also fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector.

Overall, the declaration of Kaji Nemu as Assam’s State Fruit marks a significant milestone in the state’s journey towards agricultural excellence and global recognition. It not only celebrates the intrinsic value of Assam lemon but also underscores the government’s proactive efforts to empower local communities and promote agricultural sustainability in the region.

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