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CM Mohan Yadav Congratulates MPPSC 2021 Qualifiers

MPPSC 2021 Qualifiers: Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mohan Yadav, extends warm congratulations to all successful candidates of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) 2021 exam. In his message, he acknowledges their achievement and emphasizes the increased responsibility they now hold towards the state.

“Hearty congratulations to all the candidates who have cleared the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) 2021 exam,” Chief Minister Yadav stated, recognizing their dedication and perseverance in clearing the competitive examination.

Addressing the qualifiers, Chief Minister Yadav expressed confidence in their abilities to overcome challenges and contribute significantly to the development and prosperity of Madhya Pradesh. “With your achievement, your responsibility towards Madhya Pradesh has been further elevated. I am confident that you will overcome all the challenges and make an important contribution to making Madhya Pradesh strong and self-reliant,” he affirmed, highlighting the vital role they play in the state’s advancement.

Chief Minister Yadav concluded his message with a heartfelt prayer for the bright future of the qualifiers, invoking blessings from Baba Mahakal, and extending his best wishes for their journey ahead. “I pray to Baba Mahakal for your bright future and wish you all the best,” he conveyed, underscoring the state’s support and encouragement for their endeavors.

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