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CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Announces ₹100 Crore Memorial for Rani Durgavati

In a significant and heartfelt announcement, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has unveiled plans for the construction of a grand memorial in honor of the valiant queen, Rani Durgavati. This monumental project, set to cost ₹100 crore, will stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of this revered historical figure. The announcement was made during the solemn Sacrifice Day program dedicated to tribal heroes Raja Shankar Shah and Kunwar Raghunath Shah.

The memorial is slated to grace the land located at Madan Mahal in the culturally rich city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The timing for this momentous endeavor is both symbolic and significant, as it coincides with the 500th birth anniversary of the illustrious Rani Durgavati ji. To mark the commencement of this monumental project, a traditional Bhoomipujan ceremony will be conducted on October 5, an occasion that holds great significance in honoring the legacy of this iconic queen.

“Rani Durgavati, known for her unwavering courage and indomitable spirit, remains a revered figure in Indian history. Her life story continues to inspire generations with her acts of valor and her dedication to her people. The construction of this grand memorial serves as a fitting tribute to her enduring legacy and contributions to the region”.

This ₹100 crore memorial project is not just a physical structure but a testament to the rich heritage and cultural significance of Madhya Pradesh. It will offer a place for people to pay their respects, learn about the history of Rani Durgavati, and connect with the past. Additionally, it will serve as a reminder of the state’s commitment to preserving and honoring its historical heritage.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s announcement underscores the government’s dedication to preserving the memory of revered historical figures and promoting the cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh. The memorial for Rani Durgavati will stand as a symbol of her enduring legacy and the state’s recognition of her invaluable contributions to the region.

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