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CM Yogi Attends the Closing Ceremony of the 67th All India Police Duty Meet in Lucknow

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath graced the culmination of the prestigious 67th All India Police Duty Meet, organized over five days in Lucknow. In a ceremony marked by accolades and camaraderie, CM Yogi commended the dedication and prowess displayed by the participating soldiers and officers.

During the event, outstanding performers in various competitions were felicitated with awards, acknowledging their exceptional skills and contributions. Additionally, souvenirs commemorating the meet were unveiled, symbolizing the spirit of unity and excellence among law enforcement agencies.

CM Yogi expressed heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all soldiers and officers representing different forces at the event. His words of encouragement underscored the importance of such gatherings in fostering camaraderie, professionalism, and mutual respect within the law enforcement community.

The All India Police Duty Meet serves as a platform for officers and personnel from across the country to showcase their capabilities, exchange best practices, and strengthen interagency cooperation. By participating in this esteemed event, law enforcement professionals reaffirm their commitment to serving the nation with integrity and diligence.

As the closing ceremony drew to a close, CM Yogi’s presence added significance to the occasion, highlighting the government’s unwavering support for the law enforcement fraternity. The event concluded on a high note, with participants returning to their respective duties inspired and motivated to uphold the highest standards of service and professionalism.

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