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CM Yogi Expresses Sorrow Over Nepal Earthquake’s Impact on Lives and Property

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath conveyed his heartfelt sympathies and concern over the tragic impact of the recent earthquake in Nepal, expressing deep sorrow for the loss of lives and the extensive damage caused.

CM Yogi articulated his sentiments, emphasizing the poignant and distressing nature of the situation brought about by the earthquake. He highlighted the sorrow felt by many due to the loss of lives and the widespread destruction caused by the seismic event.

“Furthermore, Chief Minister Yogi assured the people of Nepal that Uttar Pradesh stands in solidarity with them during this trying time and is prepared to extend all possible support and assistance. This commitment reflects the state’s readiness to aid Nepal in coping with the aftermath of the calamity, offering assistance and resources to help alleviate the distress faced by the affected communities”.

CM Yogi also offered his heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones in this natural disaster, acknowledging the profound grief and loss they are experiencing. He invoked prayers to Lord Shri Ram, seeking solace and peace for the departed souls and a swift and complete recovery for those who have been injured in the tragic event.

The statements made by Chief Minister Yogi exemplify a deep sense of empathy and solidarity, reinforcing Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to assisting and supporting Nepal during this distressing period. The gestures of sympathy, support, and prayers conveyed by the Chief Minister are a reflection of solidarity, empathy, and a sincere commitment to extending assistance to the affected in their time of need.

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