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CM Yogi Hails PM Modi’s Nomination from Varanasi

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nomination filing from Varanasi for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Describing Modi as India’s ‘Charioteer of Amritkaal’, Yogi emphasized the significance of Modi’s candidacy in fostering happiness, prosperity, and satisfaction among the 140 crore Indians.

Yogi underscored the unwavering commitment of every resident of Kashi to safeguard their pride and ensure the resounding victory of their beloved Member of Parliament and esteemed Prime Minister with a historic mandate.

The nomination filing of PM Modi from Varanasi resonates deeply with the residents, symbolizing unity and prosperity for the nation. As Modi embarks on his electoral journey from the spiritual heartland of India, the support and enthusiasm of Kashi residents serve as a testament to their unwavering faith and trust in his leadership.

Yogi’s remarks reaffirm the collective determination of the people to propel Modi to victory with an unprecedented number of votes, reflecting their steadfast belief in his vision for a prosperous and united India.

As the electoral campaign gains momentum, the nomination filing of PM Modi from Varanasi serves as a rallying point for supporters nationwide, inspiring hope and confidence in the transformative agenda envisioned by the Prime Minister. With the blessings and support of the people, Modi’s candidacy represents a beacon of optimism for the future of India.

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