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CM Yogi Joins PM Modi in Bhoomi Pujan of Shri Kalki Dham Temple in Sambhal District

Sambhal: In a momentous occasion marked by solemnity and reverence, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had the esteemed privilege of joining Prime Minister Narendra Modi and revered saints in the Bhoomi Pujan and foundation stone laying program of Shri Kalki Dham Temple in Sambhal district.

Expressing his profound conviction, CM Yogi remarked, “This Dham will become an eternal center of spiritual consciousness and renaissance of eternal values.” His words resonated with the significance of the temple not just as a physical structure but as a symbol of spiritual awakening and cultural resurgence.

Amidst the sacred rituals and devotional fervor, CM Yogi extended his heartfelt congratulations to all the revered saints and devotees present, acknowledging their collective efforts in realizing the vision of this divine sanctuary.

The presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi added an aura of sanctity and significance to the auspicious occasion, underlining the government’s commitment to fostering spiritual harmony and cultural heritage.

As the foundation stone was laid amidst prayers and chants, the atmosphere was imbued with a sense of sanctity and hope, symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter in the spiritual journey of the region.

The Shri Kalki Dham Temple envisioned as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, is poised to stand as a testament to India’s rich spiritual heritage and serve as a sacred abode for devotees seeking solace and divine connection.

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