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CM Yogi Pays Tribute to Amar Krantiveer Mangal Pandey on his Birth Anniversary.

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Yogi, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, expressed his tribute to Amar Krantiveer Mangal Pandey on the occasion of his birth anniversary. Acknowledging Pandey as an immortal son of Mother Bharati, Yogi hailed him as the forerunner and superhero of India’s first freedom struggle. Pandey’s incomparable sacrifice for the protection of religion and motherland, and his ability to ignite the spirit of freedom, continue to inspire generations. Yogi emphasized that Pandey’s noble sacrifice in service to Maa Bharti (Mother India) will forever motivate us to serve the nation with unwavering dedication.

Amar Krantiveer Mangal Pandey:

The Forerunner of Freedom: Yogi paid homage to Amar Krantiveer Mangal Pandey on his birth anniversary, recognizing him as an iconic figure in India’s history. Pandey’s unparalleled bravery and unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom earned him the title of Amar Krantiveer, meaning “immortal revolutionary.” He stands as a symbol of resilience and determination, igniting the spirit of freedom in the hearts and minds of the people during the country’s first struggle for independence.

The Immortal Son of Mother Bharati:

In his tribute, Yogi referred to Mangal Pandey as the immortal son of Mother Bharati, a term that symbolizes his profound connection to India and its cultural heritage. Pandey’s sacrifice was not only for the protection of the motherland but also for the preservation of religion and the values that define the nation’s identity. His courageous act reverberated throughout the country, awakening a sense of pride and unity among the masses.

Continued Inspiration for Service:

Yogi highlighted that Amar Krantiveer Mangal Pandey’s noble sacrifice continues to serve as an eternal source of inspiration for all. Pandey’s unwavering commitment to Maa Bharti and his willingness to lay down his life for her protection exemplify the highest form of devotion to the nation. Yogi stressed that Pandey’s selfless service and dedication to the cause of freedom will inspire future generations to serve the nation with the same level of commitment and patriotism.

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