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CM Yogi pays tribute to Gadar Party founder Lala Hardayal.

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath commemorated the birth anniversary of Lala Hardayal, a renowned freedom fighter and one of the founding members of the Gadar Party. Speaking about this extraordinary figure, CM Yogi highlighted Lala Hardayal’s lifelong commitment to serving the nation and his significant contributions to the cause of India’s independence.

“Lala Hardayal, the great freedom fighter and founding member of the Gadar Party, remained dedicated to the service of the nation till the last moment of his life,” said CM Yogi. This dedication and unwavering spirit made Lala Hardayal an iconic figure in India’s struggle for freedom.

CM Yogi went on to note that Lala Hardayal’s revolutionary ideology played a pivotal role in awakening patriotism in the hearts and minds of the people, inspiring them to work fervently for India’s independence. His vision and commitment continue to be a source of inspiration for the nation, reminding us of the sacrifices and struggles of our forefathers in their quest for freedom.

Born on October 14, 1884, in a Hindu Mathur Kayastha family in Delhi, Lala Hardayal embarked on a remarkable journey of education and activism. He received his bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and further pursued his studies in Sanskrit at Punjab University, earning his master’s degree. His academic achievements were underscored by receiving two prestigious scholarships from Oxford University, namely the Boden Scholarship in 1907 and the Casberd Exhibitioner Award from St John’s College.

In 1911, Lala Hardayal moved to the United States and became involved in industrial unionism. He was actively engaged in the activities of the Industrial Workers of the World and played a key role in the Fraternity of the Red Flag, advocating for communism & the abolition of private property in land & capital through industrial organization & the general strike.

Notably, Lala Hardayal fostered close ties with Punjabi Sikh farmers in Stockton, California, tapping into their disaffection with British rule and promoting Indian nationalist perspectives. He encouraged young Indians to acquire scientific and sociological education.

In April 1914, he was arrested by the United States government for spreading anarchist literature and subsequently fled to Berlin, Germany, where he contributed to the formation of the Berlin Committee, later known as the Indian Independence Committee. His cooperation with the German Intelligence Bureau for the East was instrumental in India’s freedom struggle.

Lala Hardayal’s life of service and activism came to an end on March 4, 1939, in Philadelphia. In his final lecture on the evening of his death, he declared, “I am in peace with all.” However, a close friend, Lala Hanumant Sahai, suspected foul play and did not accept his death as natural, suggesting the possibility of poisoning.

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