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CM Yogi Pays Tribute to Mata Ramabai Ambedkar: A Beacon of Women Empowerment

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath commemorates the birth anniversary of Mata Ramabai Ambedkar, extolling her as a symbol of women empowerment and a stalwart champion of social equality and harmony. In his humble tribute, CM Yogi acknowledges Mata Ramabai’s significant contributions to shaping a more enlightened and equitable society.

Ramabai Ambedkar, born on February 7, 1898, and wife of B. R. Ambedkar, played a pivotal role in supporting her husband’s pursuit of higher education and realization of his true potential. CM Yogi emphasizes her unwavering support as instrumental in facilitating B. R. Ambedkar’s journey towards becoming a towering figure in India’s social and political landscape.

Recognized as an ideal symbol of women’s empowerment, Mata Ramabai’s legacy transcends generations, inspiring countless individuals with her resilience, determination, and commitment to social justice. Her life story has been immortalized in numerous biographical movies and books, underscoring her enduring influence and relevance.

Throughout her lifetime, Mata Ramabai Ambedkar remained a steadfast advocate for education and societal progress, championing the cause of marginalized communities and striving for a more inclusive and equitable society. Her remarkable legacy continues to resonate across India, with several landmarks bearing her name as a testament to her enduring impact.

As CM Yogi pays homage to Mata Ramabai Ambedkar, he urges citizens to reflect on her remarkable journey and draw inspiration from her unwavering commitment to the principles of equality, justice, and empowerment. In honoring her memory, we reaffirm our collective resolve to uphold her values and work towards building a more compassionate and inclusive society for all.

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